Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hey Psylocke Fans

Sorry about the delay in posts,My internet connection was faulty.but dont worry now im back and still loads more to come :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Psylocke and Archangel Poster

Here is a Betsy and Warren poster originally printed in a X-Men UK comic.Love the shadolw play in it.

Wolverine Unleashed UK no.29

Psylocke makes an apperance on Wolverines solo UK comic here.The reprint inside retells Betsys time officially joining the team.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Amazing X-Men UK no.4

Here is another X-Men Uk Reprint "The Amazing X-Men".The X-Men Vs The Imperial Gaurd here,a nice swift Psylocke gets a powerful punch in there,another hot original cover from Marvel UK

X-Men UK no.28

Heres the original X-Men reprint in the UK.Adjectivless,it reprinted the US X-men version and the "Adventures" as a back up strip. On this cover it features another Psylocke and Revanche combo,going up against The Silver Samurai.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Essential X-Men no.74

This is a retouched version of an American cover that was originally published as part of Marvel US.Marvel UK started to do this more and more often as it progressed thru the years.More of them to come too.I will eventually post every cover Psylocke has appeared from Marvel UK and Marvel US aswell as some random specials incl ones from other places in Europe.

Essential X-Men no.23

Heres another team shot,with Betts in the forefront Vs. Legion,Psychic knife at the ready.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Essential X-Men no.33

Heres Betsy getting outta the way of a rampaging Juggernaut,she could take him :).Beast and Bishop look on.

Essential X-Men no.21

Heres a great Psylocke solo cover,Bestsy at the mercy of The Phalanx.We all know our girl ended up handing it to them in the end.What i love about this cover,is once again it isnt so action centric,but eerie and quite creepy instead.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Heres quite a different kinda cover for an X-Men book,not action inspired,but romance driven instead.Back in the day when Betsy and Warren were an item.Nice for a change <3

Essential X-Men no.17

Betsy Is upfront on this cover sharing the limelight with Rogue,Remy and Hank.I love the elegance Psylocke has on this cover,plus a hot Butterfly inspired Knife.

Essential X-Men no.14

Heres a beautiful cover featuring Psylocke Revanche and Spiral,the first of many Psylocke centered covers Marvel UK continued to produce.

Essential X-Men no.12

Heres another Uk cover,quite a dynamic one,Betsy and Jean VS Sabretooth.Not the first or last time either of these girls had a tussle with Creed.

Essential X-Men no.1

Ok im kicking off the online gallery with the front cover of the ongoing Marvel UK comic "Essential X-Men" which gradually over time i will have every cover Psylocke appears on.The covers are original and exclusive to the UK and Ireland.Heres issue #1 which Psylocke appears on with Rogue and Gambit,quite a acolade being given the front cover of an issue one. (note: this is an original scan,and the original issue has a silver foil effect,hence the grey tone)

Welcome to Psylocke:Visions

Hey Betsy and X-Men fans,and welcome to my new online gallery featuring everyones favourite X-Woman PSYLOCKE.

I decided to make this online gallery to share pictures of Psylocke with other fans (Hey Like a Butterfly guys).

Lots of the pictures on the site are personally scanned by me,and contain alot of MARVEL UK original pictures that most fans dont get too see outside of the UK or Ireland.I hate thinking that Psylocke fans dont get too see as much as possible,espically since Betsy has some of the most coolest and loyal fans.I will also be posting random pictures found on the web (Fan pics etc) collected over years,and also my own personal convention sketches that i own,ranging from artists like Mark Buckingham to Jim Lee.

Anyway,hope you guys enjoy and leave comments.