Saturday, August 21, 2010

Psylocke:Marvel Figurine Collection

This is the Cover to Psylocke "Marvel Figurine Collection" Painted by Julie Bell I believe.I was contemplating scanning the whole magazine to show.Any suggestions/requests?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Amazing X-Men UK no.3

This covers a "Wheres Psylocke?" moment lol.

The Amazing X-Men UK no.2

Betsys in the background ready to strike with her psychic knife,while Wolvie takes on a brood

The Amazing X-Men UK no.12

X-Men Vs X-Factor.Here Betsy is going head to head with her future lover Archangel due to the mind control of the shadowking.

The Amazing X-Men UK no.10

On this "Amazing X-Men" cover Psylocke is in the thrall of the Sadowking along with the rest of the X-Men.

The Amazing X-Men no.4

Here is a large format Marvel UK comic called The Amazing X-men,which also featured original covers.On this one Betsy helps her teammates bring The Imperial Gaurd down a notch.

Essential X-Men Inside Cover

When Essential X-Men launched,the majority of the early issues had Psylocke on the inside cover to welcome readers.This continued until Essential got a revamp.Betsy looks just as good in B&W right? :)

Essential X-Men no:100

A Reprint of a Narvel US cover.Group Shot for a 100 page special.

Essential X-Men no:107

Christmas Cover :)

Wolverine Unleashed no.25

Here Psylocke appears in the UK reprinting of the Madripoor adventure

Essential X-Men no:18

Essential X-Men no:60

Heres issue 60 of Essential X-Men which have pitted Psylocke and Angel against The Hand.Sorry for the delay since my last post,lots happning,im back on courae now tho,so expect lots of psylockey goodness too come :).